innovation and continuity since 1992


With consulting assignments, we view our role as being one of:

  • gathering factual information, based on our extensive research, review, organisational and planning experience
  • analysing and identifying key themes, in a clear and concise way - reducing complexity into the two or three most important and salient issues for managerial attention
  • identifying and leveraging critical levers of organisational performance
  • bringing together key stakeholders, listening respectfully and acknowledging their point of view. We then use innovative ways to problem solve to identify solutions which provide the greatest benefits whilst minimising negative effects
  • applying a range of business improvement tools including primary and secondary research, process mapping, activity resource analysis, development and application of costing approaches, business health and change readiness assessments etc
  • facilitating discussion amongst staff, managers and other stakeholders
  • challenging the existing ideas through a ‘systems thinking’ approach to data collection, review and performance issues
  • negotiating agreement to a way forward that creates commitment and buy- in
  • documenting directions in easy to read and use plans.