innovation and continuity since 1992


Sometimes, a business issue can really hinder the progress of an organisation.  It might be an organisational structure that is not working, unclear roles and responsibilities or misalignment between what you are offering and what your customers need. Equally, there may be times when you need to find out more to build and improve your business i.e. break through strategies, what your clients want, how to motivate staff, or evaluating the performance of your organisation, business unit, program or service.

A fresh perspective

It can be really helpful to get an independent, uninvolved assessment of the real situation, and then support to plan to address the issue.  As external consultants, we see an important part of our role as challenging existing assumptions and identifying fresh opportunities by bringing together practical, innovative ideas, people and systems. Working with clients on addressing business issues and improving their business performance is the core of our business.

About McDonnell-Phillips Pty Ltd

We are a Queensland-based company with a passion and talent for successfully delivering research, review, strategy, marketing and change management projects. McDonnell-Phillips has been operating for more than 20 years, and from this, our team has developed extensive experience across a broad range of organisations and industries. We pride ourselves on having a current, intricate knowledge of the specific sectors with which we work. 

Our company is made up of a small team of expert senior consultants (each with over twenty years experience) who ACTUALLY undertake projects in their entirety. For our clients, this translates into high quality, consistent delivery of projects, on time and within budget. Our depth of experience and expertise substantially reduces redo (and the negative impact this can have on client resources) and ensures that we can use our cross-industry/cross jurisdictional experience to identify and apply best practice themes, concepts and frameworks. We also work with clients to transfer our analytical skills to the client staff.



McDonnell-Phillips Pty Ltd was established in 1992 by experienced management consultants, Mark Phillips and Danielle McDonnell...

"We established the company to support public sector and corporate reform, innovation and performance improvement.

We remain hands-on consultants.

We believe in the importance of consistently reviewing the performance of organisations, processes and programs to assess effectiveness and efficiency. There also needs to be emphasis on innovative thinking so that more value can be delivered through improved productivity...."