innovation and continuity since 1992

The McDonnell-Phillips difference

The critical point that we believe differentiates our firm from others relates to our team’s ability to grasp, operationalise and integrate both theory and practice in research, review, strategy development and change management. The breadth of our team’s experience and expertise ensures that measurement and methodologies are scientifically robust and achieve high reliability and validity. For this reason, we tend to operate at the high-complexity end of the consultancy market where future directions are unclear or new ideas and innovation is of greatest benefit.

Our business model is different:

  • we keep a very low overhead profile through efficient use of technology
  • we do not use the typical hierachical structure that results in partners engaging projects and less experience staff doing the work in a "cook-book" approach
  • our approach results in you being able to engage senior executive skills for your needs at a considerably lower cost
  • this overcomes a perenial problem in large organisations, especially the public sector. Senior executuve level skills can be applied "on the job". At McDonnell-Phillips, a senior executive consults rather than managing a large staff contingent

With our extensive experience, we are often approached to:

  • provide strategic design input into projects that are complex, very sensitive or unclear in terms of their design and/or methodological issues
  • undertake complex research and analytical projects which are used primarily for strategy, regulatory or service development
  • conduct consultancy projects with important implications for the economic, social or community development of Australian states/territories.